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CODEX - a New Tool for Conservation and Planning in Colorado - Shared screen with speaker view
Karl Brown
Karl Brown National Park Service, Vegetation Mapping Inventory Program Leader in Fort Collins, CO.
Andrew Seidl
Andy Seidl, CSU
Jeremy Krones
JD Krones, Colorado Headwaters Land Trust in Granby
Janna Six
Good morning. Janna Six here, supporter of CNHP.
liza mitchell
Liza Mitchell, Pitkin County Open Space & Trails
Alison Gallensky
Alison Gallensky, Rocky Mountain Wild, Metro Denver
Lucy O'Sullivan - DNR
You can find past webinar recordings here:https://cpw.state.co.us/aboutus/Pages/Partners-Conference-Schedule.aspx
Lucy O'Sullivan - DNR
Check out the Mountain & Prairie podcasts here https://mountainandprairie.com/podcast/and the Partner of the Year Award video herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quYcWNA3DBk
Alex Alma
Explore the tool for yourself at https://trails.colorado.gov/E-mail us at COTREX@state.co.us if you have any questions!
Karl Brown
Dave, help folks understand a "G" rank. What G1 means compared to G4, etc.
Dana Coelho
These are great visualizations, thanks for sharing and describing. It's cool to see under the hood of some of the data that have informed and will continue to inform our work at Metro Denver Nature Alliance.
Andrew Seidl
thanks for the shout out, Dave.
Karl Brown
Andrew Seidl for ROI discussion -- please reach out to me regarding the BSA conservation easement at Ben Delatour Scout Ranch in Red Feather Lakes. Karl Brown
Andrew Seidl
@Karl Sure thing. Let's chat. Andrew.seidl@colostate.edu or afseidl for skype
Lucy O'Sullivan - DNR
Please use the Q&A feature, located on the bottom panel of your Zoom screen, to ask questions during this session. The panelists will address questions during a Q&A portion at the end of this presentation.
Linda Lidov
Fantastic presentation and valuable info, Mike. That's a good idea to remind people they don't need to be GIS experts to take advantage of the tool.
Alison Gallensky
I used the New Mexico tool to help comment on potential Wild & Scenic River segments and found it very useful. I am looking forward to the Colorado version of the tool.
Greg Liverman
Holy Wow! We have been making maps like these along the Gold Belt Tour Byway to support our grant requests and support our Byway designations. This will save us a boatload of time! and money! We look forward to looking at this.Do not overlook this tool for the Colorado Scenic Byway program - they can go on your list of benefitted groups.
Greg Liverman
Also, as a landowner with a conservation easement, I need to re-look at my own parcel using this tool!
Zaylah Pearson-Good
Thank you for the helpful and informative presentation. We look forward to using the tool in the San Luis Valley.
Linda Lidov
Data is also an excellent storytelling tool - infographics, etc. - for communicating a complex subject to the general public about the value of conservation.
Karl Brown
Great overview of GIS and "power of place" and how it can help in planning! Thank you!